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The Creeping Flesh

Clearly I'm on an old school horror kick tonight. The next movie in the marathon is The Creeping Flesh . I'm apparently having a marathon secondary to the theme of old school horror, as I inadvertently chose another Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing film. Which I am ALL ABOUT right now. The Creeping Flesh is from 1973, and although a bit dated, includes very well done special effects. This is another of Dipper's recommendations. Not going to lie, this movie synopsis has given me the most trouble of almost any that I've written recently. Put plainly, the viewer can tell at the start of the film that any peace and quiet in Cushing's life is balancing on spidersilk, because he can't seem to put anything in order before rushing off to the next project. For example, he has spent the last year in Papua, New Guinea, chasing the origins of mankind and proof of evolution. When he comes back, it turns out that the estate's finances have been dwindling, and his daugh

Dr. Terror's House of Horrors

Tonight is my night off - and I'm spending it in the nerdiest way possible. I'm working on crocheting a temperature blanket and watching horror movies.  (For those that don't know, a temperature blanket is a year-long project, where every day the highest or lowest temperature is recorded, and a row is added to the blanket with a color corresponding to the temperature.) I haven't watched any movie recommendations from my brother lately, so tonight I decided on Dr. Terror's House of Horrors . To be honest, it was an arbitrary pick. I don't remember him specifically recommending it, but it's on a list of movies he has watched, so I figured what the hell. Anyways, it's always good to discuss old horror with Dipper, who is very knowledgeable. I was immediately pleased to see that Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing , and Donald Sutherland were in it. (Kid you not - Donald Sutherland looks just like his son, Keifer, in this movie!) I'm sure there's other