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Platonic Valentine's Day

This year, Dipper and I celebrated Platonic Valentine's Day. We got each other cards, he got me a candy bar (it was DIVINE! Chocolate and crystalized still my beating heart!) I can't tell you what I got him just yet, as it hasn't arrived. But he had apparently been searching high and low for a particular book to give to me. It's called Midnight Blue , by Nancy Collins. There's a couple reasons why this is such a noteworthy gift, not the least of which is that he described it was one of the two most important books he'd ever read. (The first, Norwegian Wood , was my Christmas present. And it's going to get it's own post. When I'm over the extreme trauma of reading it. I'm not even kidding. If you ever want to have your heart torn out, slowly, surely, and page by page, that's the book for you.) The next is that he found me the omnibus edition. I'm a completist. If I start a series, I like to be able to read all of them. With thi

BoOk CrAwL!

This past Tuesday's BoOk CrAwL was extra special. During one of our first few BoOk CrAwLs, we met a girl from Barnes & Noble who we had asked for some recommendations. Her name is Liz and she's super awesome. She's an avid reader, environmentalist, and all around fun gal. She came along with us to Crazy4Books. As the weeks go on, it would appear that we are well on our way to having a BoOk CrAwL posse. I am more ok with that than I would like to admit! I didn't know if we'd be able to find much this run, considering we had just gone to Crazy4Books last week. But boy was I wrong! All three of us wound up with arms filled. It was fun to go from aisle to aisle with Liz, grabbing at books, reading them, shelving them, and running onward. Dipper, on the other hand, takes a more measured approach to the used books. As he does in most things. He carefully peruses the aisles, and if you look, there appears to be a method. My method, on the other hand, appears to be &quo

My New Favorite Movie

All apologies in advance to Dipper, who is going to read this post soon after publication. (I can see the eye roll in my mind's eye.) Why the apologies, you ask? Because he rues the day he showed me this film. You see, Dipper and I bonded over horror movies and paraphernalia. It quickly became clear that I was not as up to date on all the horror movies that I should be. (Which will be the subject of subsequent posts - of which this will be the first.)  I have been absolutely positively stuck on What We Do in the Shadows since November/December. By "stuck on", I mean Dipper and I can't have a conversation with another human being where we recommend movies without it coming up. "Stuck on" as in my poor husband is sitting at his computer watching it with me on our TV while I write this post. It's really getting to be quite a thing. "Stuck on" as in we had a guest in from Kuwait and I flat out insisted on showing him this film. (Poor Pickells - th

Book Crawl - Crazy4Books

Every Tuesday, Dipper and I do something we call Book Crawl. Basically, we meet up, pick a bookstore to haunt for a bit, and then find lunch. It's the day I look forward to all week - because there is nothing better than wandering around the stacks upon stacks of books in a used bookstore. Don't get me wrong - I love new bookstores too. Hell, I love books. But there's something about discovering books discarded and looked over by everyone else that is amazing. And doing it with someone who is just as excited as you are? Absolutely priceless. That being said - let's get to the finds! (Mostly because Dipper reads this blog, and I know he's already rolling his eyes.) He took me to a place called Crazy4Bookz , which is deceptively large. It's a small storefront tucked in between two larger buildings. But when you get inside, the bookstore is quite deep. It's got the usual and comfortable used book smell, and every wall is covered in shelving and books. It's

Horror Block - January 2016

Everyone at my call center is obsessed with subscription boxes - most notably Loot Crate. Those items are hit and miss for me. I don't play most of the video games they reference, and some of the other nerd references are lost on me. Then, my brother Dipper mentioned that there's actually a crate for people like us - Horror Block. It's by the same people that do Loot Crate, but it's all horror. All the time. And let me tell you, it's fabulous! Horror Block is $29.99 a month, but it's really a steal. There's always a t-shirt and a copy of Rue Morgue magazine, both of which will cost you more to buy separately than if you just get the box. Then there's always 3-5 other items included. Sometimes there's a cohesive theme, but more often than not they're just random items. Past boxes included Freddy Kreuger and Chucky plushies, as well as a really cool zombie hula girl that's supposed to go on your dashboard. (The hypnotic sway of those undead hip