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Pirates, Zombies, and Epic Narcissism, oh my!

It’s a great time to be a zombie fan! Newcomer Stephen Kozeniewski wows with his latest, The Ghoul Archipelago , recently released by Severed Press .  At it’s most simple, The Ghoul Archipelago tells of a power struggle between three men after the zombie apocalypse. One wants to convert everyone to his relgion. Another wants to be the lone military power. The third wants to extend his sphere of economic influence. Still sounds pretty simple right? But wait! Let’s add in the wild cards, shall we? A crazy smuggler captain named “Howlin’ Mad” Martigan. And his miscreant band of sailors. A local ruler, the Rani, who has the mouth of a 13 year old boy, the wisdom of Princess Diana , and the charm and wit to quickly become one of the most interesting characters in the book (though she isn't in it for very long). A collar called the Sex Drive, which allows the wearer to delve deep into their most forbidden fantasies all at the push of a button. Eve Smith, the only woman who can wrangle h