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A New Favorite

I am normally the kind of person who can (and does) read multiple books at the same time. Usually I have a book that I'll take to work or out and about with me, a book that I might read if I'm relaxing in the bathtub, and a book that I read before bed (which is usually the book I'm focusing on reviewing). That all changed when I picked up Adrian Chamberlin's The Caretakers. What a roller coaster ride! The story is complex, intriguing, and utterly insane from the jump. It absolutely demanded my sole attention, and then proceeded to keep it throughout the entire read.

And it also made for a hell of a review subject.

The plot is utterly unique, and centers around a vengeful and terrifying goddess named Andraste. In order to keep her from bursting into our world and destroying everything, a group of people need to offer up a sacrifice every year. This isn't your garden-variety sacrifice though, it makes Mayan sacrifices look like a Sunday school picnic. Andraste demands …