The performance Ryan Reynolds WISHED he gave...

I'm all for Ryan Reynolds.

Green Lantern? Loved it.

The Proposal? Loved that too.

The Amityville Horror? Gimme gimme!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Hell yes!

Buried? Not on your life.

Ryan Reynolds' acting was alright. It wasn't stellar, but it wasn't terrible. It just seriously lacked a ne sais quoi. Reynolds plays a truck driver who works in Iraq. He is attacked, and wakes up inside a coffin buried. He has a lighter, a cell phone, and very limited time to be found and rescued before his oxygen supply is gone. This should have been a riveting movie. I should have been sore all over from the tense atmosphere and my incessant worries for the main character. I should have cared what happened to him. Instead, I was left wondering where my 95 minutes had gone, and if there was some way to get them back.

In short, I should have been watching Wrecked. Adrien Brody always pulls off a masterful performance, whether he is the main character or not. His role preparation borders on the wreckedinsane (anyone remember his preparation for The Pianist? The man is hardcore!) Wrecked is a movie with essentially one character: Man. Adrien Brody carries the entire picture with such ferocity and intensity that it's hard not to believe that he was actually in a car wreck and left in the wilderness for an indeterminate span of days.

As I have already alluded, Man wakes up in a wrecked Chevrolet in a ravine. The accident has caused him to become trapped (I think the dashboard bent around his leg), and he spends most of the early part of the movie trying to escape. He has only fractured memories of the incident that led to his entrapment, and no idea who he is. He finds a license with the name Raymond Plazzy, and decides that must be his identity. Later on, he discovers a dead man in the backseat and a sack of money in the trunk. There is also a pistol. He decides that he must have robbed a bank, and killed the man in the backseat. As Wrecked progresses, Adrien's memories come back to him, and he gradually remembers the identity of the woman in his hallucinations. What he remembers will shock and rivet you.

I seriously can't rave enough about this movie. Adrien Brody delivers at every turn. And if you don't see this, you'll be sorry. It's just that good.



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