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American Horror Story - Asylum

After the thrilling conclusion of Season 1 of American Horror Story, I couldn't wait to see the second season. I wanted to see how the show writers would incorporate familiar faces into new roles. Would they trade places? Would the sinister become the innocent, and the innocent become the deranged? How would the character's stories weave together this time? I waited for what seemed like an eternity, and finally was able to get my hands on American Horror Story - Asylum . I have to confess, the first few episodes were extremely disappointing. While the writers put their actors to good use (look forward to strong performances by Lily Rabe , Jessica Lange , Zachary Quinto , Evan Peters , James Cromwell , Chloe Sevigny , and Sarah Paulson ), the stories just weren't as intriguing as Season 1. I was also disappointed that the stories were isolated, they weren't interconnected. There were story arcs that began, became interesting, and died within two episodes (Anne Frank stor

American Horror Story - Murder House

When American Horror Story first aired, I was living with my parents. We were channel surfing as a family one night, and found it on FX. After watching a few minutes of the show, we changed the channel because the images were pretty disturbing. (We happened upon one of the episodes with the leather suit.) All throughout the first season, my friends kept raving about it and insisting that I watch. The picture of the person dressed in the leather suit kept coming to mind, and I couldn't figure out what they saw in me that would connect me to a leather S&M suit. I'll freely admit I'm a little strange - I like to start celebrating Halloween about a month before everyone else, and I almost never wear matching socks - but I'm not THAT KIND of strange. Well, about three months ago, my friend Steve (the one I go to haunted houses with) told me that at all costs, I have to get through the show. He told me I would love it, because the story was never predictable, and the cas

A Slice of My Childhood

Tonight I wound up at Walmart, which in and of itself, is nothing exciting. There are many days when I am in Walmart at least once, and sometimes multiple occasions if I forget something. My mission tonight was to turn my change into money, return bottles for money, and purchase margarine so that I could make Krusteaz pumpkin bars. The last didn't happen, mostly because I decided to bake them later, possibly tomorrow. (I truly hate baking sometimes!) After completing the majority of my mission, I took a detour through the electronics section. Mostly, I wanted to see what movies were for sale, and plan any forthcoming purchases for Thursday, when I get my paycheck from work. Suffice to say, the only thing of interest was Pacific Rim (can it - I liked that movie!) and a little gem from my childhood. Usually I don' t purchase series, since Netflix and Hulu are extremely good at covering what I watch. However, tonight there was a lone copy of AAAHH!!! REAL MONSTERS , which I watche

The First Haunt of the Year...

Nine years ago, I met one of my closest friends, Steve, through the Astronomy Club at my college. He was an alumnus, and I was a current student. While on a camping trip, we discovered our mutual love for all things horror: movies, music, and most of all - haunts. We decided to start going haunting every October - during which we would visit every haunted attraction in our area. (That may seem like nothing much, but here in Western New York, there's a large variety of things to do and see during Fall!) This came to the relief of our other friend, also named Steve, who was pretty much done with haunting. As our tradition is nearing it's 10th year, we decided to start spicing things up by adding an out of town haunt per season. You see, we are in a great location in New York state, since we have attractions like the Haunted Horseman Hayride in the Hudson Valley , and we're extremely close to both Pennsylvania and Canada. Steve has been talking about Pittsburgh Scarehouse for