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Saturday night Chris and I went to have dinner at my parent's house. My father had been taking almost nonstop about themovie Dream House, which neither Chris nor I had seen. I didn't remember much about it, except that it starred Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, both of whom I enjoy watching immensely. Naomi Watts also stars, and just like Rachel, she's pretty much fabulous in any movie she makes.

My apologies in advance, because this post will be excruciatingly short. There is no way to go in depth about what makes this movie great, without completely giving away the ending - or information pertinent to figuring out the ending. Trust me - you'll want to be surprised!

The movie begins with Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz playing a happily married couple, with two have two lovely daughters. As they settle into their new home, strange things begin to happen. The children begin to see a man outside the house, who only stands under the tree at the edge of the property and stares…

Fun for Everyone!

I know I'm a little late to the party on this one, but so be it! Two weekends ago, my husband Chris and I were at our local Best Buy. He was searching for a pair of headphones and a keyboard for his computer. I was along for the ride (and secretly scouting the price of Xbox games). I was eyeing Resident Evil Revelations, deciding whether or not to purchase it at the buyer-friendly price of $59.99, when my husband handed a game to me. It was a Blizzard offering - Diablo III - that I had glimpsed on Chris' computer. I hadn't ever played a Diablo game, but had spent many an hour yoked to World of Warcraft, and I knew the quality of the game in my hand.

Flipping it over, I read the back of the game. You know what word got me? Witch doctor. Hell yes, witch doctor! The words "masses of loot" didn't exactly damage my thoughts on the game either. (The other classes mentioned on the back of the case were barbarian, monk, demon hunter, and wizard, if you're wonderin…

Make way for the Temptress!

It's been quite some time since I've read any poetry, or written any.  To be honest, aside from the tongue-in-cheek holiday poetry books at Barnes & Noble, I didn't even know that there was horror poetry available.  Thankfully, my ignorance was corrected earlier this year when I met Ladyaslan.   I met the remarkably intuitive poet in quite an unremarkable way.  We followed the same page on Facebook, and gradually began messaging.  I told her I ran a blog, she told me she wrote, and the rest is history.

The cover art of Victorian Days and Punk Rock Nights alludes to the mysteries in the pages that follow.  While reading her poetry, I couldn't help but marvel at her boundless versatility.  Some of the poems are from the point of view of the hapless victims, sucked into the arms of the shadows of the night.  Other poems are voiced by the huntress, stalking the unaware who have only minutes of innocence left to them.  Still others are dark musings under moonlit skies.  …