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Genre Clash - Zombies Meet Body Horror

You know what I miss?  Classic monster movies.  Godzilla destroying a city.  An alien Thing terrorizing people in a god-forsaken wilderness of ice and snow.  A ginormous shark cruising beaches during the 4th of July.  Bring it on!  But, in spite of all of that, I do love my zombies.  I love those pus-filled, shambling wrecks.  I love the runners and sprinters, the spitters, and the groaners.

Why choose when I can have both?  Severed Press just released The New Ecology of Death, written by James Robert Smith.  It combines all the terror of a standard zombie apocalypse with the excitement and innovation of a monster story, and then he goes one step further.  Smith taps into the body horror genre, adding the right amount of classy gore.

The New Ecology of Death begins with zombie Alex Wenzler recovering his consciousness - one might go so far as to say that the fog of death was lifted.  Alex is drawn inexorably to his son Mark, and begins a dangerous trek that brings him ever closer to the…

My Second Viewing...

Tonight I'm sitting in the basement with my husband Chris (pictured left), our friend Brian (graphic designer extraordinaire), and Chloe (The Overlord - also pictured left).  When I got home from work, Chris told me that he had gotten his pre-order copy of Evil Dead from iTunes, and that he and Brian wanted to watch it.  I promised the night that I wrote the first review, that I would write a second review when I saw it again.

So, here we are, watching this gory-as-a-slaughterhouse film, and I'm once again wondering why I do this to myself.  To be fair, I like the movie more than the first time I saw it.  However, the massive gore and body horror hasn't become any less shocking.  To say that this movie lives up to a second watching is an understatement.  I'm also second-guessing my decision to eat food before sitting down to this.  I knew better.  I knew what was coming.  I absolutely HATE this kind of movie.  I can't deal with the gore and self-mutiliation.  Then w…

World War Z Part 2: Quit Your Bitching

I have been to World War Z, lived to tell the tale...and loved it.

For the past 3 years I have read horror (specifically zombies) to the exclusion of almost anything else (barring food box ingredient lists and one accidental slip where I read The Silver Linings Playbook.  Yeah, I loved that one too.)  The point I'm trying to make is that I had high expectations for this movie because I knew what the genre was capable of, and it payed off.

World War Z is one of the first zombie movies to really be believable.  The movie focuses on a "real disease" that moves from person to person through bites and has a frighteningly short incubation period after which the victims become rabid.  A few months before World War Z came out in theaters, The National Geographic released an article detailing the possibility of a zombie virus.  The article discusses the conditions necessary to create the Rage Virus out of the 28 Days franchise.  Thankfully for all of us, it seems that Nature safegu…