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Not Your Average Monster

I think it's safe to say that author Pat Douglas (book name PA Douglas) has forever ruined me where koala bears are concerned.  It's not that I thought they were super cute to begin with or anything, but after reading " Killer Koalas From Another Dimension ", I certainly won't be lining up to see them at my local zoo. Douglas taps into the bizarre, in the style of Killer Klowns From  Outer Space , and takes the reader along for the ride.  Trust me, it takes a talented author to pull off a story about homicidal koalas - and Douglas has that kind of talent!  Not only are his monsters believable, but so are the main characters.  Joana and Tim are a realistic high school couple.  Thank the literary muses that they're neither Bella nor Edward.  They're a normal, immature, slightly dysfunctional couple.  (Well, maybe a little more than that - Tim's an insufferable jerk sometimes.  But let's face it - who hasn't dated someone like that at some point?)

Lean, green...carrot-eating machine?

When I first heard that Eric S. Brown had written a book called " Jack Bunny Bam-Bam and the Weeper Apocalypse ", a few thoughts went through my mind.  I had no idea what the title meant, and couldn't imagine how anyone could possibly take a green rabbit holding a gun seriously, let alone get away with writing that kind of book.  I reluctantly began reading, and I finished it within two days. Eric S. Brown is an extremely talented author.  He was able to hook me within two pages (though it took far longer for me to admit it myself), and within a chapter I was fully drawn into the world of this strangely addictive bunny-assassin.  I'm not going to tell you what a Weeper is because I don't want to ruin one of the books fun discoveries for you, but I will tell you this:  there's no way in hell I'd like to meet one!  Nor would I be particularly interested in meeting Jack Bunny Bam-Bam, who is a strangely intriguing anti-hero.  While he's not exactly likeab

Bowie and the Aztecs...up to no good again!

Author Bowie Ibarra's newest tale is a Lansdale-esque romp through the Wild West, called " The Cruel Fate of Dr Brewster McGill ".  Ibarra is up to his usual tricks - slavering undead, exciting chases, and intriguing characters - flavored with the right amount of comic relief for good measure. It is often said that "curiosity killed the cat", and that is most certainly the case in "The Cruel Fate of Dr. Brewster McGill"'!  The titular character, Dr. Brewster McGill, is a snake oil salesman.  He travels from town to town with his assistant, Isidrio.  Together they  extol the healing powers of their elixir, which is purported to cure any ill.  Business continues as usual until they run into a rival schyster.  Their competition also sells a "cure-all elixir" but the catch is that his elixir actually works!  McGill becomes desperate to harness the secret elixir, and chase is on! Enter into the excitement the extremely powerful Eye of Mictlant

Time for me to eat my words...

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="187"] Cover of The Hellbound Heart[/caption] It's not a secret - I've never been enthralled with the movie " Hellraiser ".  I don't know what it is about it, though I have a sinking suspicion that I didn't understand it at the time.  It came out when I was very little, and I think that overall it was just over my head.  In any event, I ran into a mention of The Hellbound Heart , the novella that started it all, somewhere online this past week.  My interest was sparked, and I headed over to my local Barnes & Noble to track down a paperback copy of the popular work by author Clive Barker .  At a whopping 164 pages, I really wasn't expecting very much.  I got more than I was expecting! I started reading the book as soon as I got home from work, and before I knew it, was already on page 35!  The story of Rory and his wife Julia, Rory's brother Frank, and the love-lorn Kirsty Cotto

Spoilerless Thoughts on Evil Dead

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="372"] AMCTHEATERS.COM image for Evil Dead. (I told you - no spoilers!)[/caption] This past Thursday, my husband and I decided to engage in a timeless ritual: the double date.  We met our friends Brian and Meg at the local mall for the evening showing of the Evil Dead .  Popcorn, soda, and pretzels in hands, we seated ourselves in the packed theater and waited for it to begin.  All around us, people were wearing Evil Dead and Army of Darkness t-shirts, and discussing Sam Raimi 's cinematic cult masterpieces.  Not soon enough, the room darkened and the previews began to march across the screen. And now we have come to the part where you're most likely to start screaming death threats at the computer.  When all was said and done, I just wasn't that impressed by the new Evil Dead.  Had they called it something like "Woodland Massacre" I would have been alright - just don't make it an Evil Dea

Welcome to Charnel House Reviews!

Welcome, fellow horror-fiends!  This is the home of the blog formerly known as Left Overs.  Let me give you a quick run-down to familiarize you with the new layout. First and foremost, this is a review blog.  The opinions expressed are my own (unless, of course, it's an interview of some sort).  Please feel free to comment on any posts that are of interest to you.  I only ask that visitors keep their comments respectful.  It's possible to disagree without being rude.  :) Secondly, I do not accept money for my reviews.  While getting paid for them would be nice, I don't want to be accused of any bias towards or against a particular work.  If you want a book of yours reviewed, please contact me.  If you are an author in the horror or science fiction genre and would like a link to your page, please let me know. I hope you enjoy the site! ~ Holly Ann (DeadAeris)