A spot of news...

For those of you who may not know, my life changed rather drastically last week.  On Monday, I began Graduate School (I'm again studying Foreign Language Education).  On Tuesday at 11:30 am, I received a call from a school that had interviewed me for a Spanish position.  As it turns out, the position became part time and the other teacher quit.  I accepted the position.  So far so good.

Wednesday morning, I went to school to have a meeting with the other teachers.  I was wondering why we would be meeting again that night for "orientation".  Silly me, it was actually parent orientation, or "Open House" as we said years ago when I was little.  Oops.  Luckily my room is off in a corner and nobody could find it, so I spent the night hanging up paper on my bulletin boards and worrying about how to arrange the desks.


All of this good news for me means that I will be swamped with work and unable to write posts with quite the frequency I was.  Don't worry - I'm not giving up, I just won't be on here as much for this semester.  (Oh - and also because I'm having to maintain a blog in Spanish for my linguistics class.)

Wish me luck and I will see you on the Dark Side of the Moon !


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