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Not Your Average Joe

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I have now written this review three separate times.  I started with an anecdote about how I came to possess 20th Century Ghosts and Heart-Shaped Box, but I think that what I really want to tell you about is the author himself.  To be brief, I kept running into references about Joe Hill and what a master storyteller he was, but had neglected to add anything of his to my collection.  While in Maine, Chris picked me up 20th Century Ghosts, and afterwards a copy of Heart-Shaped Box arrived in my mailbox.

20th Century Ghosts is like no other book I've ever read in my entire life.  Reading it can be likened to an out of body experience.  From the very first page I got the strangest sensation.  I kept imagining myself sitting in a dark theater, just Hill and I, only he isn't there at first.  He miraculously shows up ju…

I'm a traitor.

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I vehemently refused to go to another bookstore after Borders started it's closing.  I wouldn't go - none of them appealed to me.  I complained to everyone I knew about the "loss of my favorite place on Earth"...and where was I yesterday?  Barnes and Noble.  Looking for a specific book (incidentally, they don't have it and I very well may be returning to another location of the same store in a few hours).

I fell from grace over a discussion of  a Patrick Wilson film.  Apparently, he survives an accident and upon waking, discovers he has a connection to the world of the dead.  My dad started talking about Stephen King's "The Dead Zone" which had a similar plot.  I was surprised that my father was going on about what a great book it was, because he isn't as much of a reader as my mom or myself.

So now begins my feverish hu…

Gadzooks !

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Image via Wikipedia --> Yarn !  OMG !"][/caption]

Ha ha !  Chris and I just came back from a stroll among the shops and I saw my first yarn bomb!  For those of you who don't know what a "yarn bomb" is, it's a random piece of knit or crochet that covers something.  This particular yarn bomb was a bit of crochet around a pole.  The pole was part of a gate, and the yarn bomb covered the bottom.  It made the pole look like it had a claw foot.  So cool!  If you're unfamiliar with the results of yarn bombing, then check out this link to my search: yarn bomb.

We tried Moxie - the much maligned soda of Maine.  It was touted by our Duck Boat tour guide as a mix of "dirt and cough syrup".  Apparently us Buffalonians are more resillient - it tasted like thin root beer with a hint of anise.  Not bad.

I thought I would throw that out there - just saying.

P.S.  He…

Brian Keene - part 2!

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="186" caption="Cover of City Of The Dead --> This is the cover of my book as well :)"][/caption]

I finished "City of the Dead" on the car ride to Maine the other day, and I figured I should write about it now.  In another week or two things will get very hectic.  I will hopefully be returning to school to get my master's, and I will have other things taking up my limited time.  Therefore, while it's still fresh in my mind, I'm going to write as many reviews as I can remember (I'm fairly behind in my reviews).

"City of the Dead" is the thrilling conclusion to "The Rising", both of which are written by Brian Keene.  I'm not going to go into detail, since the last book ended so abruptly, and this book starts right away with the story.  What I will say is that we lose some good characters, and we gain a few along the way.  Character growth for those still (un)…

Since I'm on a roll...

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="293" caption="Image via Wikipedia --> This is the cover of my book.  :)"][/caption]

...I figured I'd write a review.  Before leaving for Maine, I decided to start Brian Keene's "The Rising".  It was recommended to me by a patron of the gym where I used to work.  Unfortunately it's taken me some time to not only find decent copies of the books, but to read them.  The person that recommended them to me said that they weren't a typical zombie story, and that I should have an open mind.  That was certainly the understatement of the year!

"The Rising" is the story of a man named Jim who sets out to save his son from sentient zombies.  The zombies are just human bodies inhabited by the Siqqusim, a  special type of demon with a vendetta towards God.  Apparently they were upset about being thrown out of Heaven and wanted to make God pay by wiping out all of creation.  At the o…

Hello from King-land!

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I'm writing this post from Freeport, Maine.  The Harraseeket Inn, to be exact.  I'm on a few day vacation with my boyfriend Chris and his parents.  I figured it would be blasphemous not to write a post from the state that spawned the great Stephen King.  In a totally personal side note, I have wanted to visit Maine my entire life.  When I was a kid, I dreamed that I would move to Maine, live in a house by the sea, and write.  I would also speak loads of Spanish and wear cable knit sweaters year 'round since it's always winter in Maine.  (Ha ha - it's about 78 degrees out today, and I keep hearing French - proximity to Canada has that effect.)

The first stop of the trip was Portland, Maine.  According to my internet research, Portland is the city in which King was born.  During the amphibious Duck Boat tour, they pointed…

Jewelry people, I did not forget you...

In continuing with my creepy crafting series of posts, I would now like to offer up one for the jewelry makers.  Again, if you know of any other books, please feel free to post on the comments or message me directly !

"Gothic Jewelry" --> My mom has this book, and it's pretty cool.  If you have some basic know-how, or if you are willing to learn, you will find many rewarding projects within the pages.  (

Again, I will post more on here as I see them.  It may also be of interest to check out general crafting books, as they will no doubt offer some jewelry patterns as well.

Zombie 5K ?!

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As none of you are probably aware, I am on a kick trying to lose some weight.  I find it hard because there really isn't a goal other than "stop being unhealthy and big".  Pretty nebulous, isn't it?  Today my boyfriend showed me a website that has me thinking in terms of a reachable goal: survive a 5k populated with zombies, that also happens to be attached to an obstacle course.

If you're like me, those last few words most likely dropped your heart into your stomach, and your stomach somewhere in the vacinity of through the floor and out the other side of the world.  The website with all of the information is  It posts information on when the run is, and where it will be.  This year's run is October 22 in Baltimore, Maryland.  I live in New York State, so I won't be present.  However, don't give up …

Those bewitched...

Those of you with a flair for the witchy will find the following books intriguing.  As with all of the other craft posts, feel free to drop me a message or add another book via the comments section.  Links are added for so that you can peruse them, although that isn't the only place to find them.

"Charmed Knits"  -->  You KNOW you're dying to knit something from the Harry Potter world.  Now you can - including socks, Christmas ornaments, and more.  (
"Witch Craft"  --> No, not literally a practicing book.  These are crafts including pointy shoes and bats.  Really cute and whimsical items.  (

For the knitter...

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Image via Wikipedia - Knitting needles, aka things I don't know how to use yet."][/caption]

Here are the creepy knit pattern books that I have come across.  Links to provided so you can peruse the books.  If you know of any others, please let me know!

"DomiKNITrix"  --> This book is hysterical!  It has all kinds of wild patterns such as mohawks, corsets, and more.  It looks fairly complicated, but I haven't yet gotten a chance to learn to knit.  (
"Vampire Knits"  --> From the romantic to the frightening, these knits will really "vamp" up your wardrobe.  Some of the patterns may not be good to go out of the house in (cape, for example, whereas some of them are alright for everyday wear.  You decide! (…

Scary crochet patterns...

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This post does not include the many patterns you can find for free online.  I don't want to post those just yet, because I want to make sure that I give proper credit to those brave men and women who came up with them.  Again, links to are provided.

"Creepy Cute Crochet"  -->  I have already posted on this one, but it bears repeating.  I have it, but haven't learned to crochet in the round, so I can't tell you how easy it is to use.  (
"Scary Cute"  --> This book features 25 little amigurumi monsters.  (…

For the cook...

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Here is a list of cook books that cater to the macabre.  If you know of any others, please feel free to message me or use the comment option to share with everyone.

I added links to the pages on, but as always you can find them at other stores and retailers.

"A Zombie Ate My Cupcake!" -->  I have this one, it's a riot.  Even if you aren't a professional cake decorator, get this just for the fun of it. (
"Ghoulish Goodies" --> I will be purchasing this one soon.  The monster on the cover looks like a blast to create.  (
"Zombie Cupcakes" --> An interesting factoid on …

For the Frankenstein in all of us...

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Image via Wikipedia -   Aaah, the Cthulhu crochet pattern.  <3"][/caption]

Today I'm going to do a series of posts that cater to the crafting crowd.  I have noticed that the subject of the macabre has come up in various art forms and is now readily available for the artsy person to create.  This should help you with any parties you are throwing this coming October.  (Or if you're just creepy year-round like I am, you could do these crafts just for giggles).  If you know of any other books, please share them with me!

All of the following posts will be categorized by type of craft, and filed away under the "Arts and Crafts" section of this blog.  Enjoy !