Bird brained over Twitter

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I am sorry in advance.  This post has absolutely nothing to do with horror cinema, literature, art, food, or culture.  It's just something I was ruminating on while laying in bed last night.  I had the urge to say it somewhere, if only just to get it out.  Bear with me.

I withheld the urge to join Twitter for awhile.  Really, I did.  When I joined, it was at the behest of a communications guru at one of my jobs.  She said it would improve visitor numbers at my blog.  Needless to say - I joined toute de suite and here I am on Twitter.  I did my thing - found a bunch of celebrities and other people to follow, and I write my own messages.

Last night I had the craziest epiphany.  I know nothing about Twitter and the Digital Age, despite having lived through the inception of the internet and the rise of the home computer.  Or should I say, the rise of the ubiquitous computer?  Anyway, I thought that with Twitter, one was supposed to be out living their life, occasionally posting a message about what they were doing, or had done.  It seems I am beyond gravely mistaken.  While reading several accounts I follow, it dawned on me that I'm supposed to be living my life around my Tweets, and that life is what happens while you're updating your status.  Apparently, Ed from "Shaun of the Dead" had the right idea.  Who knew?



  1. Yeah, that sounds about right for people who make it really successful (which is not me by any stretch). I favor FB myself, which allows you to do exactly what you described: live life, post whenever. Plus, as a writer, I've always favored having more than 140 characters to say something :)


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