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Hello everyone!  I'm sorry that it's taken so awfully long to get back to posting.  I just got my first real teaching job and I'm overwhelmed with excitement (and work!)  In addition, apparently I'm about to move houses in two months.  While that's exciting, it will certainly be a handful!  Unfortunately I haven't had much time to read or even post on the movies that I've seen, but I do hope to rectify that soon enough.  Perhaps this weekend, if I get some spare time.  In any event, I'm glad to be back.

I do have a few special announcements for all of you, all of which I've been waiting for some time now.  Permuted Press announced the release date for the third (and as far as I know, final) book of Z.A. Recht's smash trilogoy "The Morningstar Saga".  It's titled "Survivors", and word is that it will be released on December 27, 2011.  As much as I dearly hate the snow, it would almost be worth more of it to get to that book release date sooner.

Other releases of note include "Dead Bait 2" (a Severed Press title), which features a "Jaws" send-up as its cover picture.  There's nothing quite like a monstrous piranha swimming up towards a naked woman in open water to instill fear.  Did I mention that the piranha was decayed?  Zombie piranha !  From what I gather the authors include Steve Alten, Ramsey Campbell, Guy N. Smith, Tim Curran, James Robert Smith, Murphy Edwards, Cody Goodfellow, Anthony Wedd, Paul A. Freeman, Raliegh Dugal, James Harris,  Michael Hodges, and Matthew Fryer.

Kim Paffenroth's third book in the "Dying to Live" series is out as well.  This title features a carnival tent cover and is titled "Last Rites".  This book finished up where "Life Sentence" left off - following William, Lucy (Blue Eye), and Truman as they leave the encampment.


  1. Dead Bait 2 is a severed Press title, but hey thanks for the plug.

  2. Egads ! I'm so sorry for the mistake ! I just fixed it in my entry. Now hopefully I can direct people to the correct publishing house. I'm just starting to read it now, and should get a review up soon. Thanks for stopping by the site.

  3. No worries, hope you enjoy it

  4. Howdy hey. Just stumbled across this, and thought I'd update you on the release date of SURVIVORS, which is now June 19th of this year.

  5. Hello! The release date for SURVIVORS is June 19th. I'm all excited about seeing it in print.

  6. Sorry about the double-post. Kind of double-post. I didn't see the other one from earlier. Damned twitchy internet browser! No wonder I had a sense of Deja Vu.


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