Zombies, romance, and a dragon...

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"Gentlemen Prefer Voodoo" (written by Angie Fox) is the second novella in the paranormal romance book "My Zombie Valentine", which I promised to read before Valentine's Day.  (I just finished today and now I'm getting around to posting...)  In any event, the story is by Angie Fox, and it's pretty good.  The characters are interesting, and the story is pretty funny, all things considered.

The story's principal character is Amie, a love-lorn voodoo shop owner who doesn't even realize she's looking for a man in her life.  After being harassed by her ancient dragon-pet Isoke (a Kongamoto), she decides to try a love spell that will summon her perfect mate.  There's only a few problems, not the least of which is the dashing Dante is dead, and has been for about 200 years.  He only has three days before the spell wears off and he dies for real (again? permanently...), and in that time he has to convince Amie that he's worthy and her true love (as well as a flesh and blood man.)

My favorite part of the novella is the dragon-pet Isoke.  His accent is hysterical, and I think he adds the right amount of humor to offset the subject matter.  His presence keeps the story fresh, with unexpected turns (gifts of undead rats bearing breath mints meant to make the couple fall in love.)  Being that the story is set in the city of New Orleans, there are references to voodoo queen Marie Laveau, and landmark areas such as the French Quarter.

Angie Fox's tale "Gentlemen Prefer Voodoo" is one more example of the undying ability of zombies to cross into another genre, almost seamlessly.  Apparently I may have to recant my theory that zombies will eventually die out due to lack of flexibility.


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