Romantic zombies?

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Now, I'm going to be very clear about something - I do not read paranormal romance novels.  Or any romance novels, for that matter.  However, a friend found this book for me at a library sale and bought it for 25 cents, based on the fact that its a zombie novel.  I'm currently reading it because it's almost Valentine's Day, and I figured that now would be a good time to post something about this quirky book.

"My Zombie Valentine" is divided into four mini-novels, each by a different woman.  I started (and finished) the first one today.  It's called "Bring Out Your Dead" and was written by Katie MacAlister.  Far from being an annoying story, I thought it was interesting and boasted a rich cast of characters.  The central character, Ysabelle (or Belle, for short) is a double-souled counselor of revenants (you and I know them as zombies).  She is aided by a crazy spirit guide named Sally, who seems to think a bad mix of French and English makes her cultured.  Sebastian is the Dark One (vampire) in need of salvation from our dual-souled heroine.  There winds up being a love triangle (trust me - you'll want to read this story - so I'm not going to spoil all the fun for you!) And let's not forget my favorite peanut gallery - led by Tim the revenant (zombie) and William (who lost all of his body but his head in a rather unfortunate accident involving a demon lord, some imps, a child, and a whole lot of hellfire.)

Rather than being bogged down by all the heady romance, "Bring Out Your Dead" is built solidly on plot twists and interesting facts.  The story doesn't stall an get boring, but rather gives tidbits of information as necessary while maintaining an interesting pace.  The characters are easy to like, and make the book a joy to read.  I think William may be my favorite, since he falls off the no-meat wagon and starts trying to eat his own body complaining that he's just a "little peckish" and that if anyone isn't using their toes or fingers could he please help himself.

If the rest of the stories in "My Zombie Valentine" are half as good as "Bring Out Your Dead", then I am certainly in for a good read !  You would do well to pick the book up yourself, although I might add that the book is geared heavily towards the female persuasion.  Men be warned !  While a good book, you may not like the romance side.  (Which is just fine with me - most zombie books are without a romantic side anyway...)


  1. You're a brave reader ... but the price of admission for 4 mini-novels is right. Glad the gamble paid off :)

  2. Trust me, I'm the most glad it payed off! Though, it was difficult explaining at work what I was reading. I already get enough stares with the covers of the books I bring around - all blood and guts and whatnot. Most of my co-workers are obsessed with Nicholas Sparks and Jodi Piccoult. Right now I'm having to slow down my zombie reading a little so I can get in some Spanish books - I've got to go back to school for my masters and I need to brush up on the language. :( I will be reading zombie books still, but not with the voracity I have been.

  3. Life interferes with zombie perusal like that ... no worries though: the blog will still be here when the Spanish is done :) Plus, you seem like a fast reader, so I'm sure you can catch up on any backlog when time frees up again.

  4. Thanks ! I'm trying. In the meantime I'm multitasking by watching retro horror movies and crocheting - my cousin is having a baby in a few months and the blanket needs to be done by March 13th.
    At the moment I'm slogging through a book about rural horror (which is really hard to get through, read: boring), and reading a book about Richard Matheson written by Matthew Bradley. As well as the Spanish book (which is about mysteries of the ancient world, read: Stonehenge, crop circles, and evolution.)
    Definitely busy - but glad to hear from you. How've you been ?

  5. Busy as well -- mostly with work, so not as much fun as on the fiction-writing front, but it pays the bills more reliably. The book about Stonehenge could be interesting, by the sound of it. Too bad my Spanish is lackluster :) Are you going to review that boring rural horror book?

  6. The Spanish book is good so far - very interesting ! You might manage it, the majority of it can be figured out just from context, with the exception of a few curve balls. I'm switching jobs at the moment so everything is kind of hectic. I need something else while I'm doing the teaching gig. If I ever finish the book, I will definitely review it. There are some real gems in there, but for the most part its so-so. I think the worst failing of the book is a lack of full story development. Just when it gets interesting (and to the point), many of the stories end. That's at least something that can be fixed with time and more work. I need to take a moment and review "Drive Angry" - just saw that yesterday. If you have a spare moment, you should definitely give it a try !


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