Candy-munching zombie hordes...of women.

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Lisa Cach is the final author in the book "My Zombie Valentine", and her story "Every Part of You" was certainly worth waiting for.  I think, without stretching too far, that this is one of the oddest zombie tales I have ever read.  The zombies in this tale hunger for anything sugary, going so far as to mob the nearest stores.  Putting an unusual spin on the zombie mythos is the idea that they groan for whatever they are craving.  The main character's best friend Karen, for instance, insists on procuring "Junior Mintssss" the entire time.  Pretty funny stuff !

Our story begins with Angelica, a girl living in L.A. working on special effects corrections on movies.  While waiting in the office of a plastic surgeon (her friend Karen is the receptionist) she meets a surfer bum named Tom.  After a few accidental insults, she is led in to see the dashing plastic surgeon.  While she is under anesthetic she is injected with a serum that's supposed to improve her features.

I'm not ruining the best of the story for you, but I will say this, when the serum goes goes REAL bad.  And leaves droves of women candy-craving zombies.  Junior Mints, Conversation Hearts, and all other forms of sugar beware !  The women of L.A. are coming for you !

This story was really funny - and a great commentary on the way women view their bodies and the rush to be perfect.  It was really refreshing to make fun of the stick-thin-body trend that is omnipresent.  The characters are interesting, and very deep.  Surfer bum Tom turns out to be wildly intelligent, very sensitive, and an overall creampuff.  Angelica herself turns out to be very complex and complicated.  As for Karen, well, she loves her sweets.


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