R.I.P. Z. A. Recht

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="197" caption="Cover via Amazon"]Cover of "Plague of the Dead (The Morning...[/caption]

Yesterday I finished an amazing book, Z. A. Recht's Plague of the Dead.  It was phenomenal, to say the least.  I started straightaway on Thunder and Ashes, which is unusual because I usually prefer to space sequels, especially when the next book hasn't been announced yet.

Later last night I decided to look up how soon I would be able to purchase the third installment of the Morningstar Saga.  What I found on many websites severely saddened me.  Apparently, author Z. A. Recht passed away a year ago.  I haven't been able to find the cause of death.

What I do know is that his death at age 26 is tragic.  I feel we have lost a writer of surprising and early talent, who may have gone on to author many more superb books.  Even though his notes have been given to Permuted Press and a third book will be issued, it will still lack the special way he had with words and storytelling.


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